The specific project results will contribute to an increased level of availability of environmental data and information, being related to:

  • improved understanding of the knowledge gap and further needs;
  • common agreed methodologies for monitoring, new tools and indicators for integrative assessment of the ecological status, based on Harmonized Black Sea Monitoring and Assessment Guidance (BSMAG);
  • quality controlled and comparable data sets for the Black Sea environmental status assessment, collected in the framework of specific pilot monitoring studies in selected study areas: coastal and open sea; updated list of Black Sea Hot Spots following testing of the methodology for identification and prioritization of Hot Spots;
  • Guideline tool on the adaptive criteria for monitoring of the maritime activities impact will be developed;
  • Report on the state of Black Sea environment/Thematic assessments;
  • Collected new data on chemical contamination of aquatic organisms and potential risks, thus filling knowledge gaps identified for Black Sea region.
  • The results of the case studies on beach litter and dolphins will represent the ground of the educational and awareness raising campaigns materials focusing on data collected from the field, analyzed and transposed for public acknowledge.
(Last Updated On: March 20, 2019)