After the kick off meeting held last year in Constanta, Romania, ANEMONE PROJECT partners start their project activities with dedicated workshops on marine litter. The first 4 workshops will take place between March and May 2019 in Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey and Ukraine. The workshops deal with marine litter and its impact on the Black Sea ecosystem. Each workshop will last one day and it will involve at least 25 people.

Mare Nostrum NGO organized the first project workshop on March 27th, at Hotel Ibis, Constanta. The workshop was entitled “Public engagement in monitoring marine litter”.

The workshop dealt with the marine litter situation in Romania and emphasized on the national issues on the matter:

  • Almost the entire Romanian coastal area is exploited for tourism activities;
  • Tourist ports and commercial ports are situated along the coast;
  • Hundreds of thousands tourists arrive every year;
  • Hotels and commercial establishments are built close to the beach;
  • The Danube flows into the sea in the northern part of the Romanian coast, here being brought most of the wastes collected throughout the river along Europe;
  • From the Danube outflow area into the sea, litter is transported due to the currents along the entire coast of Romania;
  • Mentality of the people.

To face these challenges, the necessary measures at regional level include:

  • Coordination of environmental legislation between Black Sea countries;
  • A monitoring system for marine litter in the Black Sea;
  • Implementation of existing waste legislation;
  • Adoption of a legislation for polluter punishment;
  • Public awareness campaigns on environmental and effects of marine litter

The workshops involved students, teachers, citizens and volunteers etc. The citizens received information about how their data are used, how is their involvement quantified and what they receive in return in terms of conclusions and data interpretation. The use of responsible research and innovation (RRI) ensures that the research and innovation is meeting citizens need, values and expectations. All the public engagement workshops that will be carried out in the frame of the ANEMONE project are an essential activity to get the public involved in monitoring activities and raise public awareness on marine environmental issues.

The ANEMONE project (Assessing the vulnerability of the Black Sea Marine ecosystem to human pressures) is funded through the Joint Operational Programme Black Sea Basin 2014-2020,  Programme priority: 2. Promote coordination of environmental protection and joint reduction of marine litter in the Black Sea Basin, Programme priority specific objective: 2.1. Improve joint environmental monitoring, and will be implemented during 26.07.2018 – 25.11.2020, Project Number BSB319.

The project is coordinated by the National Institute for Marine Research and Development “Grigore Antipa” (NIMRD) (Romania).

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2019)