Second ANEMONE Workshop dedicated to Methodologies for monitoring and assessment of the ecological status under the Descriptors D1,6 – Benthic habitats and Seabed integrity, D1 Biodiversity and D2 Non-indigenous species in Black Sea was organized online by the Institute of oceanology – BAS during the period 15 – 16 December 2020.
The first day of the workshop was dedicated to Descriptors 1,6 – Benthic habitats and Seabed integrity. The trainer Prof. Prof. Jan Geert Hiddink (Bangor University, UK) hold an lecture on the methods for assessing the impact on the benthic habitats/communities using innovative approaches based on the longevity distribution of benthic communities with focus on underpinning science. In support of Dr. Daniel van Denderen (National Institute of Aquatic Resources (ICES Secretariat & WGFBIT), participants applied Benthic Impacts Tool to sample data. The Benthic Impacts Tool
(BIT) is a decision support tool and aims to support the user in quantifying the impact of bottom towed fishing activity on sedimentary habitats. The code was provided to participants though GitHub and they run example scripts in R.
During the second day, participants discussed the methodologies for monitoring and integrated assessment on Descriptor D1 Non-commercial fish, Descriptor D1 Marine mammals, Descriptor D1 Pelagic habitats and Descriptor D2 Non-indigenous species.

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